MSFT_lod/, GLTF LOD Load Related Optimization

It’s the literature I’ve been referring to

  1. Is there a way to automatically order the LOD in the gltf file?
  2. Do we need additional APIs or modules to load gltf of MSFT_lod method?
  3.” Is there more Demo like this?
    (I would also like to have an example of a model with the added MSFT_lod method added…)

I’m sorry, but could you help me? I think I have a low understanding of Babylon.js and gltf…ㅠㅠ

cc @bghgary regarding 1/.

Regarding 2/, you need to use the loaders package to be able to load gltf/glb files in Babylon.

Regarding 3/, maybe other people will know if there are other assets, but it’s difficult to create assets with MSFT_lod as there are not many tools that support it…

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Regarding 3/ - seems that there is Blender add-on already: GitHub - takahirox/glTF-Blender-IO-MSFT-lod .

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So can I manually add the LOD options to the gltf/glb files?
Ex) GLTF example file

Because we convert it to FBX => GLTF
The conversion environment is Maya, 3D Max

I translated your question from Korean to English so it would be easier for others to understand it.

Translation: So can I manually add the LOD options to the gltf/glb files?

cc @PatrickRyan but I’m pretty sure Maya/3DSMax don’t support the MSFT_lod extension when exporting to glTF/glb.

Also in the future please remember to state your questions in English :slight_smile: Using a translator is fine but remember the forum is a global place so we have to mantain English as a base language for everyone to communicate

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@qkrxotn7287, there is no support in the Max/Maya exporter for the LOD extension unfortunately. We have slowed investment on the exporters for now so it won’t be supported in the near future either. It seems like @labris’s point about Blender may be your best bet, especially if you are just using Maya or Max as a conversion environment and not tied to an art pipeline using those packages.

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Thank you. I was replying so quickly that I forgot to translate it Thank you for switchingHaha

I’m sorry. I’ll translate it and upload it next time

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Maya certainly doesn’t support it. All right. Thank you

Thank you for your detailed reply. After all, it’s only Blender

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