Multiple environment maps (.env)


Is there the way to use different environment map on different objects (For example, to create a different lighting pattern in large scenes)? Or smoothly change environment map to depend on position of camera to other map that was prepared previously? The second way is much interesting. So, can we smoothly change environment map dependently float value?

Sorry if i duplicate somebody topic)

Yes, you can explicitly assign any material.reflectionTexture the env you wish.

The 2nd, no, not unless you PR it. Only one reflection texture per material at a time. There was another recent topic, where @sebavan said there were a number of changes required. They were not enumerated, though.

About the first: And is there the way to smoothly change the reflection texture? I think that it is possible if I’ll use reflection node in node material editor and try to mix it with other reflection node. But it is a little bit crunchy solution)

Using a one changeable environment may allow to create a baked environment lighting I think. And this is will may improve graphics for few times!)

Thank you anyway!

I am totally not against a PR for it but it requires quite some changes :slight_smile: and I almost wonder if the interpolation should not be done in probes kinda so not in real time but maybe at load time ?

@sebavan, @JCPalmer

Maybe we have any way to mix two cube textures in third? Like i do it in PG with two single images in procedural texture. I apply procedural texture on the Reflection channel of PBRMaterial as a equirectangular texture. But reflection on a mesh is not react on change of roughness or metallic properties even when realtime filtering was enabled.

I also did that with two reflection textures in NodeMaterial editor. But i can’t set RGB to PBRMaterial reflection input.

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For it to work, the texture needs to be a cube texture and you need to blend every faces and every mip maps of every faces :frowning: as well as the associated harmonics values so you could have a tool to do that but doing it every frame might be a large rendering cost on big reflection textures/

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Unless there was really shiny stuff, seems too much processing time / gain for me, at least.

I want to compliment you on the pg though. Just think if you were on the inside of sphere (flipped normals). You would be fading a “background photodome” to change where you are. Just switching the .env midway might not even be that noticeable (give them something else to look at).

I am changing out the entire scene most of the time & handling it a differently, but if that is what you are really trying to achieve, might be a way to go.

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@JCPalmer Maybe hard change of env really will not be too sharpy. So…

I think i will freeze this topic for a time. Maybe later we will found a way to emulate global lighting by any way. But right now i haven’t enought possibilities to detail research of this question. Thank you for replies!