Multiple texture layers

Hi everyone,

How to construct in NME new material that have multiple (for example 3) texture layers one over another with layers that are above that have some transparent parts?


Sample each texture then modulate its intensity with different parameter…or even a 3rd texture.

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I am new to 3d stuff :slight_smile:

I got it with two textures and lerp gradient as alpha from one texture, is that ok way to do it?

Another question: How to “overlay” texture with GradientBlock in NME, was searching but can’t find any example.

Thank you

what do you mean by overlay? do you have an example?

Here is my node material Babylon.js Node Material Editor

How to “overlay” red gradient over fabric?

Another one: How those white spots can have “fabric” pattern also?

something like this ?

you can play with multiplication, most of the time, for modulation.

Thank you very much.

How can “pattern” spots have the same “fabric” texture, now they are just plain color (white).

Use a multiplication to multiply the white of the spot with the pattern…always multiplication! :slight_smile: