navigationPlugin for finding paths between different floors/levels?

Is it possible to have two different groundMeshes, representing different floors of a building for example, and use navigationPlugin to compute paths between them? assuming there are “doors” or portals between floors? How could we go about implementing this? I’m new to using the navigationPlugin so I’m a bit lost. From what I can tell navigationPlugin seems constrained to 2d paths.

Let s add the navMesh daddy @Cedric to the thread

Hi @shadowFacts

It’s possible to have different floors:

Usually, I’ve seen on this forum people doing bridges/slopped path between grounds.
IIRC it’s possible to have teleport between unconnected nav mesh parts. It’s not been implemented in Babylon because of no interest of users.

You can manually teleport an agent from any place on the navmesh to any other. The problem resides in the knowledge of these teleports in the path computation.

Is it possible to have the path display on the lower floor? Or can the path only be displayed on one ground mesh?

The path I’m mentioning is geometry…so it will be visible for any floor. Can you tell more about your use case?