Use navigationPlugin to compute different paths based on length?

Given a mesh like a building, I want to use the navigationPlugin to compute paths between points in the building and give the user a list of possible paths they could take based on length. I’m not sure if this approach would involve using multiple navMeshes or what, as of right now I can only work with the one pathline that computePath gives.

If the source and destination points are different, you’ll get a different path. You can also add intermediate points (recompute a path with 2 subpaths).

I’d preferably like to avoid using different starting points, the goal is to find different paths from the same starting point. As far as intermediate points, do you mean adding multiple end points in computePath()?

if starting point, ending point and navmesh are the same then compute paths will always return the same path. You may add obstacles, change navmesh or change ending point.