Netbeans config for BabylonJS - how to make it?

Hi there!

Simple question - how to config Apache Netbeans IDE via BabylonJS? Not like a Visual Studio Code it not see automatically imported modules and classes of BabylonJS.

I was created HTML5 project in netbeans and follow the udemy course trying to learn basics. But when I try to look at any class like Engine or Scene by LCTRL + LMB - it do nothing, seems like it just not understand that libraries of BabylonJS used here. And I repeat - in Visual Studio Code all works fine, so I guess its a Netbeans IDE config issue.

Unfortunately I am not a netbeans user. You should ask the Netbeans community how to ensure typescript typings works ?

Seems like not nice working, because I continue typing, and as example ArcRotateCamera - it understand how to find and here all ok… but Engine and Scene it dont wanna lead me, but by pressing LCTR+Spacebar - it shows descriptions of the class… I am confused, thx for respond

yup sounds like a specific NetBeans thingy :frowning: