New Game: Constat Velocity - Challenging for high school students!

Hi Babylon.js community!

I wanted to share my new game.

I’m a physics teacher passionate about making learning experiences more engaging. With that in mind, I’ve developed a game tailored for high school physics students. The focus is on understanding constant velocity motion equation, as a educational tool.

As with any project, there’s always room for improvement.

Thank you all for your time and support!

Direct link: Constant Velocity



Love it even if my score that I won t share is not smthg I am proud of lol

Your games are really cool, it’s a great teaching aid :smiley:

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It was the first time I used The GUI Editor. I was worried about how to use json. But everything went well, it really makes working with the GUI much easier. Now, I will use the editor in future projects.

Thanks for your comment,