New game - Tranquility

Greetings all:

Way back in the early 1990’s William Romanowski released a game for Silicon Graphics Computers named Tranquility.

A few years later I partnered with him to release Tranquility and TQworld for Mac and Windows, After a few years we discontinued the game servers.

Since then we have received constant emails asking to bring Tranquility back…

…so… I am pleased to announce that I have brought back a flavor of the original Tranquility written for SGI.

This is written in BabylonJS (my first attempt at anything in babylonJS). The levels are served from remote game servers,

Enjoy playing here:

PS: I’m looking for a way to integrate ads into the game (probably from the start screen). Any suggestions for a good ad network or any other advice would be appreciated!


nice game concept! :slight_smile:

for your ads: create a button and open the window of your ad on click

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