NGE Milestones Related to Functional Loops and Recursions

I understand how the instantiate on vertices node can in some cases achieve results similar to using an explicit looping construct however, this provides for a small subset of expressions compared to the broader set of expressions available via explicit loops and recursion. Are there plans to incorporate something similar to what is found in Houdini? Houdini supports loops and recursion. Loop and recursion support shows up in Houdini via Recursive Voronoi , For-Loop and For-Each , Piecewise (For-Each) looping , and Stop conditions. You can also step through the iterations of the loop by setting the Max iterations parameter on the Block End node. Additionally, in piecewise loops, you can see the output of an individual piece/iteration using the Single Pass parameter on the Block End node. I surely don’t expect such support to rollout overnight in the Babylon NGE. What milestones, if any, are currently in place in this regard? Are these features realistically within the vision of Babylon NGE?

cc @Deltakosh and @PatrickRyan regarding the roadmap.

I don’t know if it is planned to support for-loop or constructs or recursion in the NGE.

We will certainly not compare with Houdini:) but for loop is one that I would like to look at at some point for sure. Ideally if you have use cases it could help me wrap my head around it