Node Material Editor recursive frames?

Hey, I love the Node Material Editors (NMEs) frame concept. Is there any interest to make it recursive? I was playing around with “extending” the SimplexPerlin3D noise to make it scalable and wanted to have a single input be used multiple times, e.g. the xz_scale in

I thought one solution (perhaps there is a better) would be to make a no-op node which is just an addition of 0.

But on collapsing the parent frame it did not contain the child frame within it:


Is there any interest in a PR to implement nesting / recursive frames? Perhaps there are good reasons not to support this. For example then when you get a parent frame, it would need to load all the child frames as well. If you had the same child frame it would have to de-dup, if you had a difference, even if subtle and unimportant it would have to add another entry (with an identical name? – in which case that would be confusing).

Yeah so far it is not part of the design to keep things as simple as possible :frowning:

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I’m all for keeping things simple. Maybe there is a way we could codegen/generate “nodeblock”'s from frames?

Can you elaborate?

Please disregard. The more I think about it, terrible idea.

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