[NME] Is this emission shader possible with pure node material blocks?

Demo link: Blender - Stylized Emission Shader (Blender 2.8) - YouTube

This can probably be achieved but it would require a special post process as well to blur all the emissive part. So in a sense it is like the Babylon Glow layer setup with a custom material from NME, and @PatrickRyan as a nice video for it.

@kikoshoung, you can certainly make that effect in node material. It’s set up a little differently than in Blender, of course. But this is a shader for the color effect done in node material.


This is a simple fresnel shader with a remap node to give you control over the edge thickness and fade of the glow. You can also control this with the bias and power on the fresnel node, but I think the remapping of the base fresnel node output does give you a little more control over the gradient. One of the two color nodes you see, called “lighting”, is intended as a placeholder for the lighting calculation of the shader. This could be blinn-phong lighting using our standard material and the Light node, it could be PBR lighting using PBRMaterial and the PBRMetallicRoughness node, or it could be some custom lighting calculation you come up with on your own. In any case, that lighting calculation would take the place of the “lighting” color 3 node in the shader.

To add the glow layer on top of the effect, you can follow either of these tutorials:

To use the PBR Nodes:

To use the standard material Light node:


@kikoshoung I had another forum question about parsing node materials and used the shader from this thread to illustrate so I thought I would share that PG here as well. This is an example of using the fresnel technique with blinn-phong lighting of a model. Hope this helps further explain how to use the technique.


just added the extra glow https://playground.babylonjs.com/#H8QN40#1


Great! That’s what i want.
And the tutorials are also helpful.
Thanks for your sharing.

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Thanks for inviting @PatrickRyan here to help :slight_smile:

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