Will the GlowLayer support emissive input from PBR NodeMaterial in 4.2?

There’s been a few times working with custom shaders and node materials where we’ve had to choose between the glow layer working and the custom effect we desired. Is it even possible to get the glow layer working with shaders or node materials, and if so is that slated for 4.2?

Without this, is the only alternative to animate / update the emissiveTexture on a material? For instance, to have a glowing sign where parts of the sign fade out?

Well we can still use NME with glow layer with the API: referenceMeshToUseItsOwnMaterial:

example here: Babylon.js Playground

Thanks, I’ll investigate. Is the color intensity the only thing controlling the glow then? No way to mask it to part of the mesh when using that method?

Another question - what about using a custom shader to create a Procedural Texture, and then set that as the emissiveTexture? Will that work with the GlowLayer correctly in 4.1?

Well as you wil be using your own material to render to glow texture, you can do what you want (like for the demo I shared, we only glow the runes)

Should be fine