NME Parallax breaks with armature

Hoping this is an easy fix for someone. The node material has a simple parallax normal map and It works on the mesh without an armature but has issues when rigged.

Here’s a playground for each mesh and the node material

Your PGs are not using the node material(?)

Sorry, I’m unsure how to assign the node material to the mesh in the code.

Not the most sexy way to do it :grin: but this should do for a debug:

EDIT: Now, from this PG, what exactly is your issue with Parallax? I mean, what it is supposed to look like/what’s ‘breaking’ ?

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The tangents (that exist only in the rigged mesh) are the problem.

If you remove them, it does work as expected:

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Thank you for the help. That was correct but when animated it looked weird, but as Evengi pointed out, the tangents were causing an issue.

Thank you, much appreciated.