NME - shader code preview window

It would be cool to have a shader code preview window with formatted shader code (wo formatting will be also very helpfulI) I started to try out pipelining and I need to look at the shader code, especially to look at the uniform names a lot so I export the code, open it and blabla. Or what about wiring to directly to Cyos?

What do you guys think of this?

Would you be willing to create a PR for it ?

IMHO it sounds like we should only look into the shader in case of issues ? I wonder if the approach would be counter intuitive to working with the graph. @PatrickRyan any thoughts ?

@sebavan, I can see the utility of it from the standpoint of learning and debugging so long as it does not try to become an editor as making changes to the code manually could break the graph. Something that is simply a window of text derived from the graph that can be copied would be the extent of where I would see a feature like this.

The bigger question is what is the UX around this feature and how does it sit within the UI of NME and inform or follow the UI/UX of our other tools. I don’t have an immediate answer for this part. I will have give it some thought.

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Or maybe we just can add the generated uniform names somewhere.