NME - texture samplers names not updating in exported shader code

To reproduce:

  1. Open a new NME (I am using Post process mode but it shouldn’t count)
  2. add a Texture node and connect it to include it in the shader code a Export shaders. I got these names. Ok, so the the first is my new node and the second is the screen sampler. Right?
  3. Rename the Texture node to MyTexture
  4. Export shaders, same result, name is not changed.

Thank you!

On it!

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will be fix in next nightly


ok actually the “textureSampler” is the name for the CurrentScreenBlock and it is a reserved name
You can change the “TextureSampler” to something different (Yeah I know the capital T is not obvious)

So not a bug per se :slight_smile:

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Yes, after I got oriented it is not an issue anymore :slight_smile: Is the textureSampler name chosen for some reason and not for example screenTextureSampler?

yes it is an internal name for our pipeline to render the screen content

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Tbh I can’t imagine when did you guys write all this beautiful code for bjs. The pipeline stuff is so powerful and cool!

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