No more Mackey code

I am totally willing to contribute to another officially backed Babylon exporter. With none of my API enhancements… just a raw exporter.

The kool thing about making the toolkit… I learned a TON about getting content out of unity and put into WHATEVER other formats like GLTF

So if folks don’t want to use code from my version of toolkit. Simply start another project for an exporter and I will help explain anything I can about getting that content out of unity. Then you guys can make the exporter anyway you want

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Not sure someone would like to replace your toolkit but it is a kind offer:)

A lot of people were crying to get you back btw;)


Mackey, we forum users learned A LOT from your posts, too. And we watched a seriously enthusiastic and spirited developer at work, as well. (Wingnut power-nails Mackey’s loafers to the forum floorboards.)

I hope you’re not leaving or something. You’re a superstar around here, Mackey. Thanks for all your great work. Try to stay nearby, huh? Are you starting a new project? Can ya tell us about it? Will it keep you nearby? I hope so.