Where are the sample component scripts?

opened a project that I tested last year.
Sample scripts such as “UniversalCameraSystem” and “SimpleFollowCamera” existed under the ‘content’ folder, but these scripts are not in the latest package. I can’t remember where I got this script.
Anyone know?

Hi @L_Kim and welcome to the community. Pinging @MackeyK24 the author of the exporter.

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Just pinging @MackeyK24 again in case this slipped by :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for an answer😄

I am going thru a major refactor in my babylon.manager.js extension and my example starter content.

I am working on my new PRO TOOLS EDITION of my Babylon Toolkit and the example starter content scripts (Some have been removed and some have been renamed).

I am not ready to distribute my pro tools edition yet, so you will still have to use the LAST VERSION at UnityExporter/Redist/Alpha at master · BabylonJS/UnityExporter · GitHub

I dont really maintain a separate copy of starter content… Those are meant as sample scripts… Its just a combination of my refactoring the toolkit. The new PRO TOOLS now supports developing content for Babylon Native… so i had to THIN OUT the core toolkit libs so they run on both web and native BJS.

Anyways… they are just scripts you should be able to copy (and possibly have to refactor) them to your other projects

You could try these… but they have been refactored to the newer PRO TOOLS… but you could make em work for you

Babylon Starter Content.unitypackage.zip (57.5 KB)

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@MackeyK24 any updates on the PRO TOOLS EDITION available?
Alpha perhaps?