Node Material Editor: Access Vertex Color Sets in the Mesh Color Node

The mesh.UV node has an attribute drop down that lets you access several UV sets, but the mesh.Color node will not let you access different vertex color sets. Blender lets you export several vertex color sets and they’re included in the gltf and glb files.
Is there any other way to access these vertex color sets?

Babylon only supports by default one vertex color set.

@bghgary is there a way to access the other sets from gltf ?

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The number of vertex color sets supported by glTF is unbounded, but clients should support at least one set. See

Client implementations SHOULD support at least two texture coordinate sets, one vertex color, and one joints/weights set.

The glTF loader in Babylon only supports one set as well. There may be a way to add a custom loader extension to support more.