Node material editor: forcing a mesh to have locked rotation facing upwards?

i am trying to see if i can force a plane that is attached to a model always be 1 unit above the rest of the model no matter what rotation it is in and face the plane towards the sky.

can this be done in the nme? i can get the object above the model by using the vertex shader on the world position but i dont know how to lock a world rotation without doing it in code vs a shader?

Interesting…yeah it should be possible.

two ideas that you could potentially look into

  1. Try using the mesh position in NME instead of the world position.

  2. Depending on how you’ve authored your asset, if you make a small rig out of it, then this would probably be pretty easy. So if your mesh has a root node and all of the animation is done on that root node.

The more I think about it the more I think combining these two ideas would probably get you where you’d like to be.

Hope this helps.


Yup, everything looks good. everything is working as expected. i removed the position from the worldPos calculation, added the needed values to mesh position, and added the new position + new worldPos and it got where i needed to go. Thank you.


please share your nme shaders with us. we love to see what people do with it :smiley:

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