Deformation of ground mesh via node material editor not updating

I have a material that is initially deforming a ground plane based on a texture height map - however when animating the texture uv offset, the texture itself is animating but the mesh does not.

playground here:
material here:

Hi babylonchaney,

I’m not an expert on NME, but this looks like bug in the texture block for vertex shaders. Capturing a frame in Spector.js, what I see in the vertex shader is the following

where the shader calculates a transformedUV, then immediately uses the original uv instead of the transformed one. Changing the texture read line to use transformedUV instead of uv, I see the elevations in the vertex shader follow the highlights, which I believe is the expected behavior. I’ll take a look and update you if I figure out where this is coming from.


After a little consultation, we’re now going to track this in a new issue. @Evgeni_Popov, who knows way more about NME than I do, will be spearheading this.

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Will be in the next nightly in a couple hours