Is it possible to programatically create NME "frames"?

When creating more complex node trees in Babylonjs they eventually start becoming more difficult to debug via Inspector → Node Editor.

For example, a typical “complete” GLTF compatible node tree might look partially like this:

And it takes fairly long time to find a specific node, such as “worldNormal” in there if you need to try something with it manually.

Babylonjs seems to have this really useful NME feature that is “Frames”. With frames it becomes much easier to manage larger node trees. Eg the previous one with some manually added frames:

Is there any way to create these frames from the code? Eg. Create a frame named “Instances & Bones” and add bunch of the generated nodes into that frame and then when Node Editor is opened from Inspector those frames would be there?

You should take a look at how GraphFrame is used internally but it might be a bit of an involved process to do it programmatically :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this is a pure NME codebase and not exposed as an API (for now)

Ok, fair enough. I was afraid that would be the case but wanted to make sure. :slight_smile:

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