Node Materiel editor does not load alpha mode


I am trying to set the alpha mode of a node material to ADD in the NME.
I am doing this in the right pane when nothing is selected in the editor. (See screenshot).
But after saving, restarting the editor and reloading the Material, the alpha mode is reset to Combine.
This also happens if I just open the NME and do this with the default material that is loaded.
I have looked into the .json and it seems to be saved correctly but upon loading the alpha mode gets lost. The same thing happens when loading in the engine, the alpha mode is always “2”

Matthias (1.2 KB)

This PR will fix the problem:



Will I get an notification here after the PR has been merged into the engine and deploed online?


The PR is now merged, so it will be available tomorrow in the Playground/NME and next Thursday in npm.