Node worldMatrix decompose rotateQuaternion is not the expected result

Node with -1 z scale parent,and decompose with preserveScalingNode.PG:

Node withouth parent,and decompose with preserveScalingNode.PG:

I did not forget you and your issues. It’s still on my todo list. Thanks for being patient :slight_smile:


Hi,Cedric :smile:.Is this caused by the same reason?
This problem caused by matrix decompose,i don’t know if it caused by the same reason with scaleGizmo.

Yes, I think it is. Somewhere a link is not done with preservescaling and an operation goes wrong.

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Actually, in your PGs, child is used as parameter for preserveScalingNode. In both PG, child scaling is [1,1,1], if group is used instead, then Euler angles are correct.

Yes,but why i set child node as preserveScaling node.Its euler angles is not correct.

I think that preserveScaling node just change the scale sign.Euler angles shoule not be [0, 0, 0].

If we want the preserve the current node scaling sign,we should consider its parents.Here is my solution.