NoiseProceduralTexture - How to make many unique textures

Hi there, I’d like to make many objects with different noise textures based on NoiseProceduralTexture. Currently what I have is making the same texture for every object. I set the animationSpeedFactor to 0 because I don’t want to animate. I imagine a path would be to advance the texture a different number of frames for each instance, but I haven’t figured out how to do that besides just running it that long, which isn’t ideal.

With Unity3d’s Perlin Noise function, you provide the x/y coord, so it’s easy to start each one at a different location.

As time is a public property in PerlinNoiseProceduralTexture, I guess we can also make it public for NoiseProceduralTexture:

That way you will be able to set a start value different from 0 (which is the default) for each texture.

Cool, that should help. Is there some way to set the seed in the constructor? I tried digging through the source code and never found the actual generation algorithm.

As I can see it, there’s no randomness to the algorithm, everything is based on time to achieve different results.

I understand that it’ll be the same animation every time, but where does this initial texture get generated?

I think it’s simply the fragment code that is run with time = 0.

The fragment code is: