NoiseTexture -- bjs5 -- breaking XR on Quest

It seems that NoiseTexture on Babylon5 is causing problems with Oculus Quest:

For what it’s worth, this worked for me in 5.9, broke down in 5.10.

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I wonder if it is due to the z fighting with the ground and lower precision on quest.

Could you try ?

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No, dear, I’m aware of z-fighting, and wish it was something simple as that. =)


broken xr - YouTube

(and i even used your edit just to be 100% certain)

I could agree that it is basically trivial these days to make yet another perlin noise shader, but the feature is already there, and it seems broken, so as I stumbled on it, I reported.

To be more precise, I needed a good time to find why the partner’s project – which was working before – stopped working properly from nothing. Started debugging and after some time spotted NoiseTexture as the culprit. =)

Yup it sounds like it is somehow breaking clearing. @RaananW will probably fix it in no time :slight_smile:


this only happens in the oculus browser. Both the emulator and a windows XR device running on chrome and edge didn’t have an issue at all.

It is most certainly the noise texture; I just need to find out why it is not clearing. Working on that! :slight_smile:

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A (temporary) solution:

skip initial clear should set to false in this case. I’ll see if we can do that automatically in specific cases (like this one).

Will keep updated here


Worked, thank you!

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