Nulling bumpTexture shader crash

i found that nulling bumpTexture while useParallax is true causes a shader crash

material.bumpTexture = texture..
material.useParallax = true;
// Wait for shader compile
material.bumpTexture = null;
// Shader crashes

I would assume in this case the useParallax parameter should be silently ignored? since it requires a texture.

Babylon.js Playground (open console & click play again :slight_smile: )

Frankly it is a user mistake and I’m not sure we should handle this…

There are plenty of way you could break things by setting bad parameters and Babylon does not check them for performance sake.

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It is an odd use case i suppose, so that makes sense :slight_smile:

Solution was to

  • Set parallax false
  • Wait for effect update
  • Set bumpTexture to false & restore parallax