Objects not receiving shadows

I am new to Babylon and 3D so forgive the triviality of my question. I am putting together a scene and require shadows to be cast and received by most of my objects. For the prototype scene I created I cannot get the planes/box in my scene to receive shadows. They cast them just fine, but will not receive the shadows cast by the other objects in the scene. I created a playground showing my problem. Thanks!

Hey and welcome!

The color are not between 0 and 255 but between 0 and 1 :slight_smile:



The red Cube is still not recieving shadows…
I dont see why

It is for me :thinking:

@msDestiny14 I think the problem is that the blue plane does not produce shadows on the red plane whereas it should (when near the cube).

The problems are that a r/g/b color is not given as 0…255 values but as 0…1 values and having a diffuse and emissive colors the same won’t produce shadows. Try to use white for the diffuse color instead:


Oh! Receiving shadows. My mistake, good catch.

Ah thanks. I thought Deltakosh fixed it when he posted that playground, thats why I was confused when it didnt work