Oculus Quest - Playground shows no objects today

Until yesterday I could run WebVR and WebXR Playgrounds in my Oculus Qest.
Today all of them start fine in 2D. But starting the immersive mode,
I just see the lilac background, no objects in any example playground.
(May be there are log outputs but I don’t know how to see them)

I did not see any updates for the Quest system or its browser, but you never know.

Only the playgrouns, my own tests on my browser still runs normal:

Probably due to a change we introduced lately. I will look into that and keep you updated here.

PB submitted - Fixes for WebXR, Oimo and Cannon.js by RaananW · Pull Request #8330 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub , will be working very soon


Something is going on. Only in Playgrounds, now even your plain WebXR Playground
pops a red message: “No WebGL”. Ähm …

As I said before - it has to be merged and deployed before. later today everything will work.


Solution [v] works,
thank you.