Switch to WebXR doesn't work on V4.2.0-alpha.18 but works on v4.1.0

Hi @RaananW

With Chrome when I switch to WebXR mode in the playground Basic scene with XR support its work on V4.1.0 but its doesn’t work on V4.2.0-alpha.18.


I have the same bug in my app.

Thanks again for your help.

There is a small issue with the latest deployed version, it will be updated very soon. See here - Oculus Quest - Playground shows no objects today

Noted, I’m not worried then, I think I missed something again when I saw the problem in my application.
Thanks for coming back and doing what you do.

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Hi @RaananW,

I just tested with version V4.2.0-alpha.19 it works Thanks a lot for this correction.

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