Odd behavior in PointerDragBehavior


I’m currently trying out the PointerDragBehavior and I’m experiencing some odd behavior.
I have two playgrounds, the first ist working completely fine - you can drag the plane around arbitrarily:


The second playground has only one difference - a different “size factor” (everything is multiplied with 1000). In this playground, the drag behavior stops working after the plane is dragged for a bit in some direction.


Do I work with values that are simply too large for BabylonJS? Can I “fix” this somehow, so that the second playground would also work?

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Adding @cedric (He will be back next week)

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Interesting issue…@PolygonalSun is probably the right person to ping for this one, unfortunately he is not feeling well right now but hopefully he can take a look soon :slight_smile:

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That’s an interesting behavior! Let me take a look …

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The scales used in your PG are too big to be supported by the dragplane. Only fix I see is to create a bigger dragplane like this:

dragplane | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)

Thank you for the feedback, this helps a lot!

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