Offset weird behavior with Unity Toolkit Exporter

Hey there,

I use de latest Babylon Editor Toolkit (v5 - A25.9X), works like a charm but something is weird about Y material offset. Value are well reported (-2 Y on Unity’s material’s offset gives -2 on Babylon’s V offset) but seems to need a +2 to match unity’s visual. In fact, if i invert the value, i get the “right” visual result. Did i miss something @MackeyK24 ?

Thanks a lot !

Can you make a video and show me

I make some screenshot, hope it’s good enough.

So first image is from Unity, as you can see, Y offset is -1.04

Second image is the exported Babylon, offset is good (-1.0400 too) but ground tiles are not centered on window here (problem seems to occur on Y axis only)

And finally, the last is the corrected one, ground is correctly aligned again, but offset value need to be inverted (1.0400, not -1.0400).

Hope it helps.

OK i see now… Yeah … the offset Y is supposed to be inverted when exported to the GLTF 2.0 spec.

Good Catch :slight_smile:

I will fix it in next build

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Babylon Toolkit: V5.0.0-A25.9X1 Update is available


Wow so fast, thanks a lot !