OIT looks different than when I use needDepthPrePass w/o it

When I turn on OIT, the inner, hidden parts of the toruses are shown, which I can’t have for the current project. Without OIT, I can make them look perfect by using needDepthPrePass. Any ideas, how to get this done? Thx!

I’m not sure what you want to achieve?

Without OIT and needDepthPrePass, the blended part changes depending on the camera position/rotation, I don’t think that’s what you want?

exactly, I don’t want to see the blended part in the torus’ centers. The blended parts BETWEEN the tori is ok.

Is this what you want?

No, we need to keep objects separated. It looks perfect without OIT, but we need OIT for other reasons. So my task is to make it look the same and keep seperate meshes.

Unfortunately, you can’t change the way torus are rendered with OIT… It uses depth peeling to render transparent surfaces one over the others, and there are no parameters to adjust the rendering.

Understood, that’s what I thought. The torus is just an example, not the object we use of course. Thank you!