TRADE Closed Alpha : Invitation to all here

We just went live with our closed alpha of a game I’ve been creating for two years now, as part of a larger project to bring in a new era of financial markets trading, where the market and one’s interaction with it are all presented in real-time 3D, and including a serious use of audio synthesis as a way to present analytics of market conditions.

To see it in action, check out the video in this post that went right to the top of Reddit /r/daytrading recently, which also describes how to join our closed alpha and to try this out [Gameplay starts at 1m0s):

TLDR : Message me on Telegram, and I’ll invite you to the closed alpha group. My username on Telegram is “@james_global_liquidity”.

I built this using a new framework I’ve developed alongside this product, called GLSG (Global Liquidity Scene Graph). All 3D is done by Babylon.js. GLSG is a Typescript based scene graph, which acts a lot like a hierarchical decorator of Babylon.js’s internal scene graph, and which realizes a modified MVP pattern, with a focus on consuming high-speed real-time data feeds, using this data to update the 3D scene, with high performance.


That’s a wild good idea.

Real estate within close light speed distance of the exchange is going to go up again.

Are you serving the sounds through bjs as well?

Hey thanks! It’s been many years in the making and it’s awesome to see it begin to come together, and right at a time when Bitcoin just broke 25K and a younger generation has gotten really into markets again via RobinHoood.

It’s funny you mention that “close lightspeed distance”. It’s the other major aspect of what we are building over here. The world has changed now. In “traditional” electronic trading, the exchanges are all hosted in these huge data centers. Nasdaq, for instance, is in this massive windowless building in Mahwah, NJ. Their biggest business is renting “co-located” server space so everyone is “close to the action”. Now though, with Bitcoin and Crypto trading, these exchanges are all hosted in public AWS centers, and the traders are all over the world, so the old strategy doesn’t work, especially when trading across all the exchanges. They are geographically decentralized.

My solution has been to invent a thing I call “The Trading Rig”. It’s essentially your own “trading bot” that you remote control with this 3D interface, while the bot itself spins up in the AWS center you are trading.

As far as the sound, we are using this awesome library called tone.js. Tone gives all the sound synthesis and sampling primitves we need to generate sound dynamically, down to the oscillator level. Right now, we haven’t specifically integrated tone into babylon.js, but I’d love to, so the sounds generated by tone could, for example, be piped into the babylon.js world, for spatial audio and other things tied to the 3D scene.


Interesting, that’s exactly what I was wondering about automation integration.
So there is still a hand on the tiller…