Shiba Inu Token 3D Price Tarcker

Yesterday I was having a good time playing with Babylon JS and finally ended up programming a simple and fun 3D Price Tracker of the famous Crypto Shiba Inu.

As I love the utility, it’s programmed with Unity and Babylon Exporter.

I’ve also played with the ParticleHelper and it’s honestly amazing.

The token value is obtained dynamically every 5 sec. from CoinGecko and also added some animations when the price moves.

I hope you like it:

Shiba 3D Price Tracker

@MackeyK24 @Deltakosh @PirateJC


Nice one… glad the toolkit helped you out :slight_smile:

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This is real cooool to see, sell it as an NFT :wink: @PirateJC you ll like it !

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Thanks @MackeyK24 !!
The Toolkit is awesome and it offers a lot of possibilities to create applications.
Now learning the Scene Manager

Thanks sir!! Maybe as a 3D model or Video Loop but I don’t now how to make a Web NFT.
Do you have any idea?

Nope I do not, but it fits well in the spirit, let s start selling playground nfts lol !!! :slight_smile:

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:joy::joy::joy: 1 Playground = 2 ETH :joy::joy::joy:


Simple useless pic has been sold for far more :wink:

Yes! the collapse of civilization :joy::joy::joy:

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@DRLeria this is just plain adorable! I love the model of the Shiba on the rocket! So cute and fun!

Any objection to me adding this to the community site?


@PirateJC Of course you can add it!! I’m really glad about it and Thanks for your comment JC

Added! Should be live in a couple minutes:

I love this, so cute! :slight_smile: