Out-dated Particle Playground and/or ParticleHelper

Hi gang! I’ve been playing with https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WZZDNR#11 - DK’s most-excellent realtime particles editor and particleSet import/export device. (Wingy playing in lines 511-536 - irrelevant).

Today, for the first time, I tried a Save Config. Line 293 is causing error… should be ExportSet instead of ExportSystem.

I changed it, and sent the “set” file to my local text editor. It contained only {"systems":[]}… which seems not so nominal. :slight_smile:

Also notice line 477… BABYLON.ParticleHelper.UpdateSystem call. I see no updateSystem() on particleHelper class. Possibly, it should be called UpdateSet, too… not sure.

Anyway, this playground is SO SO important and powerful… that it really needs to be working 100%. It’s hot hot hot… as much a tool and app… as it is a playground. I don’t think there is a FASTER and EASIER introduction to BJS particles… than this playground series. So, this is more than a broken playground. it is a broken best friend. :slight_smile:

No hurry, let me know how/where I can be helpful, if possible, and sorry for the workload. I hope the original ParticleHelper.UpdateSet/UpdateSystem is not forever lost and needs re-coding. It’s probably laying around somewhere… on a dusty shelf. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for help/guidance!

Off-topic rambling: As you can see by my remarked-out line 511+ code... I'm "roto-tilling" thru the 169-control "pile"... checking for classes, names, uniqueId's... text... having fun.

I need to examine the PG Inspector’s code that builds the “treeView” for the GUI, if I can find it. Tree-walking the GUI… kind of fun… and a necessity if I ever want to set/get/look-up controls with Fluent-like stuff… such as GUI.leftPanel.direction1.z = 25; MY usage will be more like… GUI.radarpanel.alerter.incursionLight = 1; Anyway, TMI.

Where’s the “Tech Talk” sub-forum? Can we have one? Where can I beg for collaboration/discussion… about talking Fluently to GUI?

Oh, these are questions… supposed to be in Q&A, I suspect. :slight_smile:

All in all, thx for particle editor work/ideas.

PS: If anyone (else) accidentally thought about “Hey, let’s make portable GuiSets and GuiHelper, too”… it’s a bad idea. GUI control panels are not as “mobile” and easily-reusable as particleSets are. GuiSets would be a waste of time/effort (I suspect)… and that’s surely why I thought about them… for a moment. :smiley: Party on!

Here we are:

No more need for ParticleHelper :slight_smile:

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BEAUTIFUL! Thanks! Well done! mega-bookmarking. :slight_smile:

@Deltakosh - I may be seeing another issue. I saved default config to local drive. Then I adjusted many sliders…and then loaded default config. SOME things changed visually, some didn’t.

COULD IT BE… that TWO particle systems are running on same emitter… after loading config?

After loading default config that I saved, it LOOKS LIKE a mix of loaded-config, and the after-save adjusted config/set. Maybe load is creating ANOTHER particle system… and both are running? Still investigating, here. SOMETHING is odd, somewhere.

Maybe inspector could see it… not sure.

Right…added a dispose before loading the new one:

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