Page not responding in WebXR using Oculus Quest


I’m pretty new to Babylon and am running into a persistent issue. I am trying to load a playground in the Oculus Quest browser. I imported some external assets into the playground via github (perhaps this is relevant?) – when I try to load the page in the Quest browser (as well as in Chrome, as it turns out) it becomes unresponsive. Any ideas on what could be causing this?


Hey @aklaus,

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Let’s summon the Grand Wizard of XR @RaananW. He should be able to lend some expertise to your question.

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The oculus browser (usually) turns unresponsive when an exception is thrown. You can try debugging your device and see the console using chrome/edge chromium on your desktop and check if the quest throws an exception for some reason.

If you want to share the playground, please do! Will be easier to help

Hi Raanan, here is my playground – using chrome console, it seems like there is some content that can’t be loaded. Thanks again!

The scene takes ca. 40 seconds to load on my laptop (while blocking the playground as well) . I ran a profiler, and it seems like the geometry builder is working very hard. If it took ca. 40 seconds on my laptop, it will take a LOT more on the oculus :slight_smile:

Try to export this geometry and load it async using any file format you want. This will ease up the loading process and will do everything async so the UI isn’t blocked.

Thank you!