Paint with Thin Instance probleme


I tried to use Thin Instance, but then I have some problem retrieving the position of all instances. And it cannot be deleted with dispose.

Is there a way to recover the location and delete them?

On this PG, it is the conversion with thin instances (with error in the console If we try to paint)

Here is the PG with normal instances and it works


Adding @Evgeni_Popov to this thread as he rocks thinInstance :wink:

Up @Evgeni_Popov

Sorry, I missed this one.

There’s no delete in thin instance, it’s up to you to manage the number of thin instances by modifying the matrix buffer / the thinInstanceCount property.

Thin instances are meant to be fast and mostly static, so more work are required on user side if you want to use dynamic thin instances.

Have a look to the “Faster thin instances” section of this doc: Use Thin Instances - Babylon.js Documentation

You should create a big enough buffer for your need and manage the number of instances to display with thinInstanceCount.

Ok, so for my use case this is not the right solution. I will therefore keep the solution of my second PG.

I think I would find the occasions to use them elsewhere, because they are cool “instances”.


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