Thin Instance Decals

Hi All,

I have been using thin instances extensively to improve render performance (for a spaceship building system) and run into an issue where Decals do not calculate onto mesh instances (see below).

I have a workaround for now: I create a mesh clone with the transform of the thin instance that I am using and then dispose of it after. I just wanted to know if this was expected behaviour or if this is a bug before I commit too much of this workflow to my code.


Also: While I have your attention is there an easy way to check if a decal will be able to be placed onto a surface (to avoid the BJS - [17:47:24]: Setting vertex data kind ‘position’ with an empty array warning) if I am unsure that it will successfully be placed?

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This PR will add support for thin instances to the creation of (mesh) decals:

It also removes the dreaded warning :slight_smile:

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Legend! Thanks very much! :slight_smile: