Parametric Cabinet exporter

Hey Everyone :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Some already know that I have developed a “Parametric Cabinet”, without YOUR help it would not have happened. So it’s time for me to thank you :slight_smile:
It really paid off for me, I mean broadening the horizons of programming.

Since I created a large library, I thought I could share it with you. If there is or would be such a need? So I’ll start with a few cabinets first, and then we’ll see if it’s needed.

How it works:
You can choose the right cabinet from the existing library.

Configured to suit your needs.

Download/ export (.babylon) or make a screenshot.

You can use the downloaded file for your own purposes!

This is where we start, and we all gather the cabinets we need :slight_smile:
“Parametric Cabinet Exporter”

As I mentioned before, if there is a need, I can improve it.


Thanks for sharing this great example @Arte !

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