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Hello group!

Working on some ideas for a future project in progress.
I hope you like it

Room Design DEMO


Nice start. Very slick and intuitive interface. It’s funny how the objects explode into space when you delete them. I mean from a gamer’s perspecive like me. Not sure about the industry if you get a mandate for this. My clients probably wouldn’t like to see their product explode :grin: Every time I try an idea like this it never makes it through :cry: but may be you will be more lucky. :crossed_fingers:

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You’re right
The explosion is a joke effect, the final idea will be to make the object disappear with a simple scaling animation.
We are still playing in the test phase.
Thank you very much for your comment

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Yeah. The safe option is always the one that is kept on final. Hard to have any fun with this people, isn’t it? :grin: I usually keep a relic of the original idea alongside the one I have been forced to deliver :sweat_smile: GL with your project and have a great day :sunglasses:

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Pretty neat :smiley:. IMO The menu could be closer to the click area, so you don’t have to click in one place and look/drag to another to complete the task.

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Vert good idea!
for now I’m doing the tests on mobile
I probably have to study the desktop version more.
Thanks sir!! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Advances and improvements.

I´ve optimized the test models and textures to the maximum level, the sofa itself weighs 650kb.
This has helped me design a well-defined workflow for the project.

In the interface I have improved some basic aspects as @Treedbox told me in this post and as @mawa said I´ve decided to use a more elegant option making a scaling animation.

For now, as I mentioned, it´s in the presentation phase and I´m praying that tomorrow the client will receive it with pleasure :slight_smile:

Obviously the entire system is designed to be reusable in future projects.

I await your evaluations and comments.

Room Design DEMO


Given the quality of the work you did just for the presentation phase, I think you can be confident.
Else, find another client :grin: GL for tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

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Sweet! Feels like home now :blush:

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The mobile interface is also pretty good. smooth to drag, rotate. God job! :clap:

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OMG!! Nice sir!
Thanks for your support

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This is really slick !!! nicely done :slight_smile: cc @PirateJC

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Thanks for your comment like always @sebavan

And finally, the Diorama Version
I love these types of designs

Room Design DEMO - Diorama Version


Very beautiful models and beautiful scene which are look warm and relax. :star_struck: :star_struck:
Could you tell me which kind of shadow it is? it looks very nice.

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Thanks sir!!
Good appreciation
The shadow is simply a plane that I include in the same model with a 512px texture generated in Photoshop. It’s a cheap and efficient old-school trick :grimacing:
Also you have to position in Y axis 0.01 to avoid overlapping with the floor

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Nice idea , both cheap and effecient :star_struck:

I thought it was baked. Didn’t say anything but I guess you noticed it does not necessarly fit well with all lighting. And since lighting might be (could be) part of the atmosphere and since it’s already a plane, may be you could try to improve this part to give a little offset to the plane (or better, the texture using NME) to somewhat adjust the shadow depending on the light source. Just an idea of mine. BTW, how did your presentation go? Did you get the mandate?

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Thanks for the tips as always.

The presentation was impecable, the client was surprised that it was possible to do this on the web and without the need for applications.

It’s a very common requirement, I have seen how customers generally avoid applications and prefer content that is accessible online.

Now they’re in the evaluation process to see if they approve the final project, it’s a complex development, especially due to the amount of furniture that must be designed.

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This is GORGEOUS! No wonder the clients loved it, everyone should :heart_eyes: The interface is super well design and the visuals… perfect.

Diorama version is just the cherry on top, I love dioramas and miniature stuff so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Besides being a great showcase for furniture stores, I feel this experience could stand on its own as a house decoration type of game, there’s a huge community around these (just see Animal Crossing and The Sims players), and I don’t know any experience like this that works on the web. :slight_smile: