Parent only POS not ROT?


Is it possible to parent only the position, not rotation?

Previously I ran into a situation where something would be solved to parent pos and rot but not scale.

Solved it by reworking everything to parent ALL: POS, ROT, and SCA.

But still curious…

Do all 3 have to be parented because of Matrix math?

Or is it possible to parent specifically and I just missed it?


: )

Unfortunately not possible directly:(

Thanks DK…

Can you just set child.position = parent.position no clones just a direct ref for your scene?

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Awesome, yes!
And… many places in the code for that.
So, being DRY, parented all POS, ROT, SCA, with a solution at opposite end…

image override position of eye in (limited) spots where alternative rotation is known.

Luckily… it worked. hero.LookFactory(‘lookUp’)
ANMS all driven by tightly-compacted atomic-interpolators in JS.
We think that methodology is worth sharing.
Continued simplified 60FPS successes.
Thanks for asking.
: )

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