World position with scaling through all parents?

child.position = B3.Vector3(0, 100, 0);
child.parent = parent;
parent.scaling = B3.Vector(1, 0.5, 1);
// how do i get the “world position” of the child which i expect to be
// B3.Vector(0, 50, 0);

is it not possible because of this (???sadness???):
“Please note that none uniform scaling e.g. the scale values on every axes are not the same is not supported on parent nodes. Indeed, the decomposition of such Matrix would result in supporting shear at the transform level which has not been added for performance concerns.”

Does this do what you need it to? Check the console for output.

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Thank you, that of course looks like it works aok!! My failure, of course in my game setup it isn’t working quite right, so i’ve got something confused in my code somewhere.

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