Particle question

Hi, guys~
I want to ask a question about the particle, if there is sunlight behind the particle, it will look transparent,
I don’t want him to be so transparent, I want him to be clearly visible, is there any way?

here is example

So, which one is the particle you want to have opaque in this scenario? I’m just not sure.

In any case, it essentially comes from two parameters.
First, the particle texture/color and Second, the blending mode.

Particle texture and color: Particles/particle textures use levels to create transparency. If you look at the ‘Flare.png’ texture you used in this PG, available from the assets library, you’ll find that the inner circle has a level of 255 on all chanels (in RGB). This part will be opaque and white. Any lower level on each chanel will eventually create transparency (and alpha blending). Obviously if you want to have a particle opaque you have to set the levels accordingly. I’m not all too sure of the exact numbers, but I guess anything below a 280% coverage through all channels will likely create transparency.

Second is the blending mode. Using ‘add’ will create an addition and a blending of your particles. ‘Substract’ will do the opposite. ‘Blending modes’ will use levels for transparency along with the rendering order to create a blend of your particles.

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hey! mawa
I found this article, it’s work for me!
I need to use png with alpha channel

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