Particle Blend Mode colors (whiteout)


In the playground below is a Particle System. The desired effect is the BLACK background - with the random colors easy to see.

The problem is the blend over the two lighter color backgrounds. Random colors turn white.

How to make particles show color (non-white) over light background?



Tested blend modes: STANDARD, ADD, MULTIPLY, ONEONE, also custom flares.
Colors over light background… ideas or insight? : )


Adding @PatrickRyan our own particle guru


@aFalcon the problem with light colors and particle systems is that typically you are adding the particle colors to the scene to make it seem like they are giving off light. That means that if you are adding particles of any color to a very light color or white, the sum of the particle colors will likely be white for a light background and definitely be white for a white for a white background.

What you are seeing when you use the BLENDMODE_Standard is due to the particle texture being a white flare on a black background:

Comes from the texture:

If you change the particle texture to be white on a transparent background, when we multiply the color against the particle, you won’t get the black background on the particle:

Comes from the texture:

This works if you don’t need additive particles where the colors appear like they are giving off light as the blendmode standard does not add together any colors, just renders them as they are with transparency.

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have more questions.


That solves it! Thanks for the assist. : )

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