Particle Trails

How do you implement particle trails maybe you want to do something like a bullet trail or electric arcs? Maybe a better implementation that doesn’t use particle trails?

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I would recommend using sub emitter for that: Use Sub Emitters - Babylon.js Documentation

Hello to you, too, Newton. :wink:

Ahh, remember WAY back… when our particle docs were easy and our answers simple? I do. Those days… where did they go? - 27 pages long? OMG! Hardly “101”. sigh

Ok, Newton… here are 3 playgrounds that use STANDARD emitter… a simple mesh box. - the “emitter” (sprayer) box is NOT moving position. It’s fake-moving. The particles are spraying from the emitter box powerfully… and the fake ground is a giant cylinder. Mousewheel OUT to see foolery. This is an example of powerfully-sprayed particles… in a narrow direction. - here the particles are NOT being sprayed powerfully, but instead weak. But this time the emitter box IS moving. So sometimes emitters move fast and spray weakly, and sometimes emitters move none/slowly, and spray powerful. - Here we are doing the same as #48, but making the camera follow the emitter box (in line 199)

Spray amounts/angles, and emitter movements… powerful basics… from the good ol’ days. - (Deltakosh’s cool particle system editor, from the old days)

BabylonJS particleSystems are very powerful with MANY features. Learning to “spray” particles… takes some time/patience.

Of course, I’m NOT saying that DK’s response was bad. I just wanted to “cover” in case user wanted a different kind of answer. Also, I show the first demo in sub-emitters docs… failing in both FF and GC. hmm. Maybe local prob.

To be fair the doc is still the same. I added to it as I was adding more features. Maybe we could split the doc into multiple pages but ultimately it will be the same content. I’m not too much into episodic content though. I prefer to read a book with all information

I recreated it into the inspector: Introducing the Particle Editor Part 1 - YouTube. Even more simpler.

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I like that a lot. Thx.