ParticleSystem emitter and BoxEmitter/ParticleEmitterType are confusing

I want to share a problem that I had last week understanding babylons documentation.

I wanted to set a box where particles are created and I want to position that box in a point of space thus moving the particle system around.

It took me a while to understand whats the difference between emitter and particleEmitterType.
Finally, what I concluded is that emitter allows to move the particle system around, but its shape doesnt affect were particles are created (relative to its particle system). While particleEmitterType or the object that you create by calling createBoxEmitter defines the shape and relative positions in which particles are created but not where the particle system is positioned.

Is it like this?

I think that documentation could explain this better or maybe I didn’t found the right place where it’s explained.

As you said the emitter is:

  * The emitter represents the Mesh or position we are attaching the particle system to.

And the emitterType:

  * The particle emitter type defines the emitter used by the particle system.
  * It can be for example box, sphere, or cone...

I do agree that the terminology is weird but french ppl lost in translation can have several side effects :slight_smile:

That said let me add @PatrickRyan to see where this could be added within the doc and not just code doc ?

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@dgarcia, I agree that the docs aren’t super precise on the different between emitter and emitterType. I will see where I can improve.

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Thank you for the additional explanation and clarification.

It always happends that after working on something we are so familiar with it that we clearly understand it, but someone from outside may see it confusing :slight_smile:

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@dgarcia, I updated the documentation for particle systems and expanded the explanation on emitters to differentiate between position and shape. Let me know if you still have questions that aren’t addressed in this update and I will revisit it. Thanks for your input.