Pass Path3D to MeshBuilder.ExtrudeShape and similar classes

So currently I have noticed in the babylonjs code that it is not possible to pass a Path3D class to the extrude shape builder and it is instead created in the _ExtrudeShapeGeneric function of the ShapeBuilder class, this is a problem because if I wanted to extrude a mesh to look like a parrallelpiped I am unable to as I can not set the normals and binormals, among other useful things such as keeping normals and binormals constant throughout a path even through x,y,z location changes. As I have highlighted in the problem I posted to the bugs section earlier (although I have since realized it is not a bug and simply the way it functions, hence this post.)

Also I am relatively new to babylon, so if this is already possible in some way please let me know although from what I have gathered it does not seem so at least not with some unnecessarily hacky work-around.

As @jerome said in the other topic

In your case I would probably build a dedicated ribbon with the required geometry instead of using the extrusion method.

A ribbon is the way to go

remove line 31 if you do not want it flat shaded.


the same not flat shaded with twice the vertices in the initial shape, so the normals are better :