Passing file extension to BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportAnimations

Hi, I am importing a mesh from my storage using streams and rendering it using Babylon.sceneloader.append() function by passing .gltf in the extension.

BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("", url, scene, async function () {
scene.createDefaultCamera(true, true, true);
}, undefined, undefined, “.gltf”);

I am then importing its animation file (in .gltf format only) and adding it to my scene using Babylon.sceneloader.ImportAnimations(). However, I see no way to add .gltf file extension in it so as to specify file type for my streamed animation blob url.

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportAnimations("", animationUrl, sceneToRender, true, BABYLON.SceneLoaderAnimationGroupLoadingMode.Clean, null, (scene) => {
console.log(“imported”, scene.animationGroups.length);
if (scene.animationGroups.length > 0) {
scene.animationGroups[scene.animationGroups.length - 1].play(true);

How can I do that in babylon?

This is not yet supported but we should add it as a parameter

Do you want to try submitting a PR?