PBR material editor with shaderBuilder



AMAZING, Naz! (droooooool). VERY NICE - WELL DONE!

Didja know that YOU have a “movie star face”… just like Jerome and Dad72 and Galen? Yep, yep, yep. I’m writing a movie that will feature you guys, right now. We’ll start shooting… soon. Deltakosh will be financing it all. (yeeeeah, right.)

How many hours of work… for this excellent editor, Naz? (Wingy hugs Naz THAT many times.)

*notic to ‘.gb’ that is new format for GeometryBuilder :smiley:

you cant believe i make it in 10 days and dont use any template (ex babylonjs framework )

sample.zip (6.8 KB)


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it is not complete yet ( i working on make variants + export )
and i use new .Obj parser(i write ) that work on web workers
** that support two AO pic ( tiled + not tiled )

That green-spotted couch is fantastic! :eagle:

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