PBR as a node based material?

I saw in your original post about the Node Based Material that PBR was going to be converted to a node based material. Is there an example of this? We’d like to be able to do some multipliers based on the PBR albedo output and one additional texture file that we could control.

Hi Alex_B,

Welcome to Babylon! Are you looking for the Node Material Editor? It’s currently live as a beta (or some other related title) and should, I think, allow you to do what you describe pretty easily.

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Thank you! What I’m referring to is an implementation of PBR using the Node Material type. What I’d like to do is take the diffuse term and update it by multiplying it by a dynamic color, using another texture as a lookup. So to get started I was wondering if there was just an example of PBR using this new material type so I can play around with it.

Not yet no at least not that I know of. We are getting there though.

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Support for IBL and PBR will be in 4.2 :slight_smile:

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